sexta-feira, 1 de outubro de 2010

First prize, uhu!

This month could mark the start of something big at work. Saturn will move very close to the new moon of October 7, and that suggests a new project may be bubbling up. Think over every step you take now, as that new moon will give your actions extraordinary staying power. You may be placing the very cornerstone of a very tall structure, one that you are only starting to build now, and with energy and focus, you could seal your reputation by doing a good job here.

One of your happiest days this month will be Sunday, October 3, when Venus and Mars will meet in embrace in your marriage and established partnership house. It's rare for these two cosmic lover planets to meet and when they do they set off lovely sparks. If you are up for an evening out, by all means plan one!

If you are single, this will be your high-impact day, when an impression you make on someone could be unforgettable and completely indelible. If you've been dating seriously, it appears the deep feelings you have for your partner are indeed mutual. Venus is not only the planet of love and happiness, but also your ruler, giving this sparkling vibe extra weight and impact.

One day earlier, on October 2, love and even general interactions may go haywire, for Mercury will oppose Uranus, causing things to spin off in the wrong direction without warning. Mercury rules your house of true love, and on Saturday, October 2, it would be all too easy to make a misstep by saying the wrong thing or finding that unexpected frustrations build up. Travel won't go well either.

Venus is about to go retrograde, something you will feel more than most because Venus is your ruling planet. Venus will settle down for a long nap from October 8 to November 18.

Socially and romantically, another happy weekend will arrive over October 23-24. The moon will be in Taurus both days, and Mars will send Uranus a lovely missive. Some exciting surprises will tumble forth that should delight you to your toes.

Your love life seems ready to set off all sorts of wondrous, brilliant fireworks, thanks to the cozy proximity of Venus and Mars in your house of serious relationships all month, but especially when Venus and Mars meet at precise degree on October 3.

Be aware that the decisions you make at month's end could change your future forever. This is a very powerful moment in your timeline, for Pluto (power), Uranus (spontaneity), and Jupiter (good fortune) will beam blessings to you. That's a lot of power!

The month ends on Halloween weekend, and on Sunday, October 31, the moon will be in fellow earth sign Virgo. That's perfect for you! Start designing your costume, dear Taurus - this year you could win first prize!

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