quarta-feira, 10 de março de 2010

Mercúrio deixou de ser mané

In March, large numbers of people will enter your life, and most will be people who are new to you. The old pals you see will also be part of your destiny, so welcome them, too, and think about what you'd like to do together.

Things will continue to become more exciting in regard to this part of your chart - you've not seen anything yet.

The new moon of March 15 will make the vibrations emanating from your eleventh house (friendship, hopes, and wishes) even more noticeable. It will be clear that you are valued by others, and that your friends have placed your interests in the forefront of their minds in ways that may even take your breath away. Friends and new acquaintances will play a huge part of your personal growth in weeks ahead.

March 15-21 will be an amazing week - no matter what you think will happen, it won't, but something else will. Fortunately all these planets will be in water signs, an element that blends so well with your earth sign Taurus. Water plus earth equals a profusion of flowers, so this month should be quite special.

On March 10, Mars, the high-energy, action planet, will stop retrograding and go direct in your home, property, and family sector.

You are in a rare and special social phase now. Lunches in A-list restaurants, invitations to stylish parties, or hard-to-get tickets to a concert or charity benefit could be coming your way - what more can you ask? Everyone will be eager to include you in their plans and you may be giddy with all the activities that will fill your calendar. By month's end you'll have made a number of new acquaintances that will have a stimulating effect on you and are on the way to becoming your new friends.

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