segunda-feira, 6 de setembro de 2010

ah, saturno...

More than most, you've been through quite a bit in matters of the heart in recent years. Your trials started in September 2007 when Saturn entered your fifth house of true love, in a kind of astrological oxymoron. Saturn is also fond of setting up life lessons so that we learn from experience. Challenges in love came by sometime between September 2007 and July 2010, but when Saturn left this difficult position, you were done. You didn't feel immediate relief however, for you needed a key new moon in this very same part of your chart, so you had to be patient for the right one to come. That long awaited new moon is here. It will arrive on September 8, and for the first time since 2007, you won't have Saturn near the new moon to spoil the pudding. This is very important - after hosting this tough love planet for three years in your sector of romance and fun, now that Saturn has left, he won't be back to this house until 2036. You have learned a great deal about love and now you can put it into practice. If you are single and looking for love, this is your moment, and you must promise to be out and about, circulating. Rarely have you had a chance like this to meet the one who truly feels like a soul mate.

Your first fun night will come on September 4, when Venus, your ruler, will dance with Neptune and bring glamour and stardust to your evening. The new moon on September 8 will fall in your house of true love and bring your social life into focus. This is the start of something, and you should put a circle around this date and the two weeks that follow. At the new moon, Venus in your house of commitment will be in perfect angle to Pluto, boding well for an important and serious development to come up in your relationship.

Transiting Mercury will be retrograde in your house of true love from September 1 to 12, so during the first half of the month, you'll be moving slowly and cautiously, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. If you are undecided, it likely means you don't have enough information, so wait until you do have it - you will know intuitively when you do. Once you have it all, you will suddenly feel calm, and you'll know your answer like you know your name. After Mercury goes direct, September 12, I feel you will have a clearer picture - enlightenment may come later, but it won't come before.

You may even have a chance to capture a long-held desire. The eleventh house is associated with hopes and dreams, and so something you've long wanted, spiritual or material, may come to you now.

After a busy month seeing people and going places, you may be in need of hanging back and treating yourself to rest at the full moon September 23.

You may also be privy to a secret someone tried to hide from you that comes out of nowhere, but that you do have to pay attention to in order to protect yourself. There's only a small chance this part will happen - I mention it to raise your antenna in case this fits your life.

This full moon comes with the propensity for many other possible outcomes, too. On one hand, the moon will be very close to Jupiter, a bountiful and generous influence that is protective in the way a guardian angel would be. You may not even be aware of the help you are getting behind the scenes, but it appears to be there.

In a month that seems to have everything, there is one day I just love - September 18, when Jupiter and Uranus will combine forces and Mars will send friendly greetings to Pluto. Socially, this Saturday gets a "10" in my book. It's filled with surprise, luck, power, and energy. Use it to the fullest, dear Taurus!

By all means, after September 8, plan to amp up your socializing - your chances of meeting someone interesting are truly excellent.

Admittedly, even with these lovely vibrations life won't always be a garden of earthly delights. Expect turbulence to show up first on or near September 21 when Uranus will oppose the Sun. A friend, lover, or authority figure may suddenly become a source of woe. What happens will be so unexpected that you will barely have a chance to craft a reaction.

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ok, enquanto taurino, agora eu fiquei com medo desse horóscopo.

tive que ler.

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teu mapa astral?