terça-feira, 2 de fevereiro de 2010

Júpiter, eu te amo!

The ninth house is where we feel a sense of adventure and delve into new areas in an enthusiastic way. It is the house where we study philosophy and/or religion. It is also where we meditate a bit about why we were set on this Earth and how we can direct our energies to best fulfill our destiny. You may find you enter a very thoughtful, reflective mode, where new thoughts begin to occur to you as quick flashes of insight that may later change your course. Whatever you decide to do, as a result of news or options that come up in the days or weeks that follow January 15, will work to benefit you - even if you aren't sure about that initially, when events begin to happen.

I do know this eclipse (15/01) will be quite favorable to you, as you will have five planets supporting you in Capricorn, so "the force" should be with you.

In terms of your career, you will do very well next month - it will be one of your key months of all of 2010 - but you will begin to create a buzz about your work from the day Venus, your ruler, enters your tenth house of fame and honors on January 18, continuing until February 10. You will be the golden one, the one that all the VIPs favor, and next month your reputation will grow.

The Taurus who seem a little frustrated at this full moon over this home matter are those born April 30, plus or minus five days. It won't be the end of it though, for Taurus of any birthday. When Mars awakes up and moves through Leo from March 10 to June 7, you will make far better home-related progress, the best so far. So don't let anything worry you at month's end - you'll soon get a second chance to set things right!

I have saved the best for last. Jupiter, the great benefactor, will move into Pisces for the first time since 1998-early 1999. In Pisces, Jupiter will be in a better position to help you, for Pisces is a water sign that blends beautifully with your earth sign element. Jupiter will fill your eleventh house of hopes and wishes, the place in the chart where we see the fulfillment of a desire that we have long held dear. It may be material or spiritual ("I want a house of my own," or "I want to find love," or "I want a baby.") Whatever that wish may be, you should take that dream seriously in 2010, for never have you been so close to seeing it realized.

You will also have extraordinary help from your friends in 2010. There is almost nothing you could ask your friends to do for you that they would not grant. Look to friends to provide you with your greatest personal growth in 2010. You not only will bond more closely with friends in the coming year, but you will make many important new ones, too. It behooves you to mix and mingle more in 2010, and to even consider joining clubs and online communities. Many of the new friends you make in coming months will be with you ten years or more from now. When it comes to career advancement, finding love, or any other goal you may have, look to your friends, for they hold the key to finding success.

Jupiter in Pisces will also help you materialize a wish that is dear to your heart in 2010. This could be one of your best years you've seen in the last ten.

Jupiter will move into Pisces this month on January 17, the most compassionate and most artistic of signs. It's a sign of hope and happiness, and next month, on the weekend of February 27-28, we will all enjoy the Luckiest Days of the Year. We didn't have a luckiest day of the year in 2009, so this is really something to get ready for - in your report, you will have clues about how best to use this. For sure, February will be the best month of the year, with lots of dazzling aspects to enjoy. You have a big year! Make it your breakout year!

* previsões para os taurinos, em janeiro.

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