segunda-feira, 2 de agosto de 2010

The lion and the lamb

This will be one of those months that bring all sorts of startling developments, just when your guard was down because you assumed it would be a sleepy, routine little month.

You may decide you must start to get to the gym on a regular basis and begin to eat more nutritiously. This revelation may come because you love the gym and miss the release of tension you used to get by going there. Or, it may come because your doctor or friend says something to you that makes you reevaluate your habits. It really doesn't matter why you change your ways, only that you do.

On the psychological side, if there is a habit that you know you need to give up, seek help this month. It doesn't matter if it is for an addiction big or small, or if you have a fear that has been holding you back. The powerful planets in cardinal signs will give you the energy and the determination to bore through a brick wall if you have to do so. You can find the right help now. Don't assume that just because you weren't able to succeed in the past that your past disappointment will predict your future - it won't.

Romantically, August takes on a much softer, gentler feel after the Sun moves into highly compatible Virgo for a month, beginning on August 23. You have been operating under Saturn in Virgo, an aspect that started September 2007 and that created obstacles in finding love or to enjoy the love you found (due to enforced separations). Now, as of July 21, all those barriers have fallen, for Saturn has moved on to Libra. Your road to love is now wide open.

Also, your personal social and romantic life will be boosted by the return of Uranus to Pisces on August 14, to stay until March 11, 2011. Jupiter will join Uranus on September 9, so things are about to get better and better for you! Rarely has your outlook been this wonderful for finding new love and for enjoying the love you share with someone special. Your personal life is about to bloom, dear Taurus, in a big way.

There's more coming! You will see just how lovely life can be on August 24 plus or minus four days, thanks to the full moon in poetic Pisces, due to brighten your eleventh houses of events, fun, people, and friendship.

In all ways, the month may enter like a lion, but it surely will end like a lamb. The good part is, although you may feel forced to make a few tough decisions, you will, and you'll be able to move on with your life. The social aspects truly glitter at months' end, sure to lift your spirits. Be sure you enjoy all your most social days, dear Taurus!

Things will improve! An enchanting party may be on your agenda on August 24 or within four days of his date. It's a "must" so send your RSVP!

Your most romantic, fun dates of the month include: August 11, 20-21 (gold star, when Mars embraces Venus), August 24-26, and 29-30.

Your worst day: August 7 when Venus opposes Uranus. Keep your head down and out of the line of fire.

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