quinta-feira, 15 de julho de 2010

Better days

It looks like less stress and more balance is due to come, and that's all good for you, dear Taurus. Overall, eclipses in Capricorn and Cancer are friendly to your Taurus sign, which suggests that even enforced changes will work to your benefit. Even if you say you must be the exception to the rule because life seems hard for you, I still feel you will find ways to make these eclipses work in your favor. Keep the faith, dear Taurus - better days are due.

The eclipse last month and this month are hitting your travel sectors of your chart, to locations both distant and possibly foreign (June 26) and nearby (July 11). This is ironic because as a Taurus you are not inclined to travel too much if no one is forcing you to go anywhere. Now, however, you are feeling cabin fever and seem to be more willing to hop a plane, bus, or train to get out of town. This will do you good because the edges of your world are being pushed back so that you can get a larger view.

One thing is certain: Your ability to convey your messages to others, whether through writing, music, a novel, screenplay, film, or poetry - you name it - is getting stronger. You may want to take lessons or classes to sharpen your ability to convey thoughts and artistic expressions even more. This trend started in July 2009 and you are already showing signs of growth, a that process is due to continue another 12 months. You'll travel more in that time, too - it's all good, and quite exciting! Best of all, most of the trips will be taken because you want to go, not because work demands you do. Some of the trips may be tied to your creative projects too, but again, those will be labors of love.

Other exciting things are going on in your chart, so let's look at those now. Uranus is newly in Aries and so is Jupiter, and right now these two major planets are orbiting together within a few tiny degrees. These planets have not been together in these signs since 1927, so this is probably the first time in your life you've experienced the wildly creative energy of these planets in combination. They will be lighting your twelfth house of solitude and creativity, so your best, most moving, and expressive work will be done not in groups, but completely alone.

Saturn has spent more than two years in your house of love. This means you have a new and serious outlook about seeing progress in your relationship. If commitment doesn't happen soon, you'll move on. Once Saturn leaves your love sector on July 21, it will be a big relief. Obstacles that have plagued you in love over the past two years will end and you won't face the same sort of frustrating conditions that you did in the past. Never have you had a better chance for success in love than you do now. Saturn will not come back to Virgo to cause separations and obstacles again until 2036. (You'll find the next visit from Saturn easier to take the second time because you learned so much over the past three years.)

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Anônimo disse...

gente, mas esse horóscopo não pode ser pra todos os taurinos. se for, aguardarei o 21 de julho ansiosamente porque, vou te contar, a coisa não tá fácil pra ninguém ultimamente.