quarta-feira, 23 de junho de 2010

Hey, June

No doubt about it, June is showing signs of becoming a very big month for most people. On June 26 we have a major full moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn, and this one will be a strong one.

Jupiter in your twelfth house will examine your closest association and friendships as well as your present obligations and responsibilities. If some people or elements of your life are no longer providing opportunities for growth, creativity and happiness, those will drop away.

The proximity of these two - Jupiter and Uranus in Aries - bodes so well for your career! Your tenth house of fame and honors is ruled by Uranus - watch your career take off like a rocket in early June!

With Venus standing in your communication house, you will find all the right words, and they will be a soft and soothing voice of reason within an atmosphere with nothing but a jarring cacophony of tense voices. Take the high road, no matter what comes up, and be the grown up when faced with childish responses. I feel you are on the side of the angels, dear Taurus, so no matter how long it takes, it appears you may wind up with a result that pleases you very much.

This will be an interesting month, somewhat different than you might expect. If some of what happens is not familiar, it is because planets are moving radically into new positions and bringing news and events that are completely different from what you're used to dealing with.

The past few months seem to have been quite social for you, and in some ways, this trend will continue. The emphasis is switching away from your being with groups of friends toward a more romantic one-on-one experience with one special person. Mars will now visit the most romantic part of your chart, and will create sweet moments of levity and fun for two months, between June 7 and July 29. You have quite a summer in store! You've not had sexy Mars' help in two years, so you should notice and enjoy the difference.

Meanwhile, Jupiter and Uranus have moved to the most strategic part of your chart - your twelfth house - so you may be ending one way of life and beginning the stages of a new one. This is only the fledgling inception of a very lengthy process that will begin now and continue until September 9, and then be in full force again in early 2011. You are letting go of what is no longer viable, so have no fear. You are now making way for the new. This will all be preparation for your golden epoch to begin, June 2011.

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