quarta-feira, 12 de maio de 2010

May, sweet may

May brings lots of excitement and a chance to start fresh on a whole new chapter of life. You are so fortunate that the new moon in Taurus on May 13 is so favorable! We all depend on having a really positive, friendly new moon each month to package all the energy swirling about a chart, but sometimes a new moon brims with luck, and other times it falls short. This is one of the best of the year and it's falling in Taurus.

Things began to change when Mars went direct in early March, but at the time, Mars was moving, but creeping along slowly. Now, however, Mars is moving REALLY fast, and you should be able to get a lot done this month - more than any progress you made so far.

On June 12, you will have a new moon in your financial house and that may be the moment you need to push things assertively in the direction you choose and to generate good cash flow.
The very best week of the month will extend from May 17 to 21 when you will have one sweet and encouraging aspect after another.First, on Monday, May 17, the Sun and Jupiter will be beautifully supportive, indicating that a friend will offer you amazing help or will do something that makes you feel quite blessed.On May 18, the Sun will summon Saturn and create a day for setting foundations for the future and for creating deals of mutual benefit. Venus, your ruler, will signal Neptune, too, on this day, so you might have a gorgeous social event to attend that evening. On Thursday, May 20, the Sun and Uranus will have an upbeat conversation, and again, friends are part of the picture, but quite unexpectedly so. This is a lively wonderful influence, filled with fun.

If a friendship has troubled you (and not I am saying it has or will, but if so), then you would need to fix things before May 31, the date Neptune will go retrograde. Neptune is the ruler of your solar eleventh house of friendship, and once you reach May 31, will stay in weak position until November 7. This is assuming the friendship is important to you, but if it is not, let it go.

Romantically, the turn of Saturn to direct speed on May 30 should allow you to find a person that is truly appropriate for you. Saturn has been causing one obstacle after another in regard to your social life ever since it entered your fifth house of true love in September 2007. Saturn left this area in late October 2009 and retrograded back in on April 7.

This month, on May 30, Saturn will go direct, and you will finally start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. You will have to wait until Saturn is fully out of this house and into Libra, and that will happen on July 21. Once there, Saturn will not be back to your true love sector until 2036. For now, you will see a slight change for the better, and you will have the peace of mind in the knowledge that Saturn is finally traveling in the right direction - away from your house of true love for good. For you, love lessons learned are almost completed. Great! Stronger and wiser, you won't likely repeat any debilitating patterns in the future because you will know better.

May 19 is significant and lyrical for another reason - Mercury will work well with Pluto, planet of transformation. Pluto's in your house of long distance travel, and Mercury rules your fifth house of true love. Again, the message is if you can travel, romance could easily find you.

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