terça-feira, 13 de abril de 2010

Mercúrio, vc me conhece, i´m impulsive

On the other hand, for now, April will be just made for taking things easy. By not doing too much, and by not overloading your calendar, you will be able to see details that you may have missed before and come up with ideas that eluded you in the past. You will be more creative and playful now, and the ideas you develop by yourself will be golden.

The new moon April 14 will also give you the chance to end a bad habit once and for all. Think about it - do you REALLY want to bring that habit into your new birthday year? Of course not. In astrology, it's the date you initiate your actions that matters most, and this new moon will mark one of your best times of the year to work on ending or limiting self-defeating actions and behaviors.

On the days when Venus will be in perfect angle to Uranus, you may experience good fortune out of the blue or even have a sudden and very electric meeting with someone new. For this, watch April 23 and 24. Remember though, that when any planet meets with Uranus, you can never quite tell what will happen, as Uranus rules unpredictable outcomes! It's what you least expect!

Be careful of what you write or say about yourself in email, on social networks, and on Twitter due to Mercury retrograde. Mercury rules communication, but often during a retrograde period, we send messages we wish we had not, or upon reflection later, feel we could have handled differently. Once you hit the send button, you won't be able to take anything back. This month, you may be guilty of giving out too much information about yourself.

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