terça-feira, 9 de novembro de 2010

Susan "enganadora" Miller

It's so easy to love a Taurus. As a Taurus you are a sensual creature. You notice all the little things around you that make the world a beautiful place to live - things others overlook. You will rave about the bouquet of a wine, the notes in a delicate fragrance, and the subtle ingredients in a French sauce. A Taurus knows life is to be lived to the fullest. Spending time with a Taurus is always fun and enlightening. You have so much to give, dear Taurus, and apparently someone near you understands you and is as ready as you to make a formal commitment to be with you forever.

Actually, with Venus retrograde during the first 18 days of the month, you may have had last-minute thoughts about someone you are serious about, and wonder if you should be thinking about taking more steps with this person. When any planet retrogrades, we have a chance to stop and think about our next moves. Take your time. If you feel you've progressed the relationship too far, too fast, you will have a chance to slow it down. If you feel you really do love this person, the time you took deciding that will be well spent, too. While you wait for Venus to turn direct again, you may get information that will be helpful in deciding what to do next.

The wonderful part about November 18 is that not only will Venus turn direct, but also Jupiter will turn direct then too on the very same day. Jupiter is even more closely associated with money than Venus, and the fact that they are both turning direct is such good news. Jupiter is the good fortune, big money planet that also rules happiness, justice, healing, confidence, and favor from authority figures - everyone wants Jupiter's help, but Jupiter has been out of phase since July 23.

So, for example, you may get a party invitation to a really gorgeous, luxurious event near Thursday, November 18, or you may hear a confession of love from your steady sweetheart. Something will happen to make you happy, but you must have your antenna up at the time so that you can notice and pay attention to what message the universe will be whispering to you.

Also related to your status and career reputation, the Sun and Uranus will be working double time for you on Friday, November 19. This is sure to be a sparkler of a day, and because Uranus is the natural ruler of your house of career, you can expect at least some of the good news to relate to your career, and it could even bring news of an unexpected breakthrough that may pay a commission or other lump sum of money. Great! If you work in a creative field, this would be a perfect day for a presentation to influential people or to work on your own and brainstorm for new and innovative ideas.

Romantically, with so many planets stacking up in the marriage house, you may be wondering, "What if I am single and not dating? Is there anything here for me?" Yes! You have a far better outlook than you used to, dear single Taurus. You hosted Saturn, the taskmaster planet, in your house of happiness, romance, and leisure, but that's an astrological oxymoron. Saturn wants you to work, not play. The period that Saturn was in your love sector extended from September 2007 to July 2010, so during that time you were being tutored on the lessons of love and perhaps came to realize things that you had not realized before. Last July you graduated from cosmic boot camp and, armed with the information you learned, you could put it to good use and have a more successful, easier close relationship in the future.

The month will end on a really good note. The full moon this month will be in Taurus, 29 degrees, the degree of completion, so something highly important to you will reach a conclusion. This will be one of the truly sweet full moons of the year, because it'll contact both Jupiter (happiness, luck) and Uranus (surprises). Happily, both planets are in your house of hopes and wishes. If you delayed having an engagement celebration until this point of the month, or delayed your anniversary party (or any other patty for that matter) for now, you did everything right. What a great weekend this will be, November 20-21! It has your name written all over it!

The full moon this month will be in Taurus on November 21, bringing a matter of enormous personal importance to you to fruition. Things will move quickly, culminating in an unexpected way. You may have long held a dream - possibly involving a romantic relationship - that may now materialize. The closer your birthday falls to May 20, the stronger the message of the full moon will be, and the more positive, too. This could be a very gratifying moment in your timeline, dear Taurus, for you will have the full force of Jupiter (gifts and luck) and Uranus (surprises) behind you. At long last, this could be one of your big moments of 2010.

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